I write because I have a desire to write.

Alice Behnke - Why I Write

I am not a women who speaks thru my mouth as much as some, but you give me a pen and I will not stop talking.

I feel set free with written words. How long has paper been soaking up my thoughts in ink? About 21 years… Of course paper will still meet fountain pen but I feel its time to share a little of me in a little more depth with you.

I have to write to understand myself. I can and still will write to a book that never speaks. Sharing my soul with paper that will never divulge its secrets unless its forced too. We read each others souls to learn something new, to build our libraries of knowledge to learn from each others mistakes, to laugh at stories, to be encouraged, and to be reminded that we aren’t alone in our daily lives.

This site is really just an ongoing story of one woman’s life and what you might be able to glean from it for yours.